The 52nd TF-CSIRT meeting

The 52nd TF-CSIRT meeting will be held on 21st & 22nd September 2017 in Stockholm Sweden, and is hosted by the Swedish CERT-forum.


You can find information about Venue, Hotels, How to get there, etc. here:

Pre-meeting Social Activities

On 20th September there will be informal social activities for those who arrive before the meeting.

Beer night at the brewpub

We'll visit a local brewpub, get a short guided tour of the brewery, then sample the wares (of, if you prefer, one of the hundreds of other brews on offer). You pay for whatever you eat and drink. The group size is limited so sign up early if you know you want to join!

Sign up (deadline 13th of September): [email protected]

Photo Walk

Experience the classic and beautiful spots of Stockholm in this photo walk.

Sign up (deadline 13th of September): [email protected]

Ghost Walk

"Our Ghost Walk contain a great deal of Historical information and of course it’s legends. You will follow your guide for 90 minutes and hear tales of murders, myths, mysteries, executions, assassinations, diseases and ghosts. You will have the opportunity to see, touch, smell and taste the history. Join The Stockholm Ghost Walk for 90 minutes of history and mystery. Explore the dark streets and alleyways that make up the oldest parts of Stockholm – Gamla Stan.". Price is 200SEK (~EUR21) per adult.

More information: Stockholm Ghostwalk

Sign up (deadline 13th of September): [email protected]